Betonkrebs by Zeit, a furious lament!

RockmusicRaider - Zeit - Betonkrebs - EP Cover

Zeit are very angry, furious actually. That’s why they decided to slam an EP onto the music market that is – for now – seriously hampered by the current pandemic. And indeed, they hail from Germany where the restrictions are especially harsh these days.

But – wait a minute – they don’t lament the current virus, other people are already doing this ad nauseam. Instead, they got us a dirge for the useless Year of the Dark Lord 2020. About all those many other dumb issues that happened then and kinda disappeared under the radar of things.

But it was the 24 short tracks of roughly one minute each1) on Betonkrebs (concrete cancer) that stopped us cold. That type of tracklist usually is a hallmark of Punk. Of records that like their wares frugal, straightforward, and brutally honest – and wear those attributes like a fucking badge of honor.

But the crazy visions of Zeit in clear voice full punk mode quickly went out the window. Instead, we found all that punky fury nicely wrapped in a neatly sludgy, truly blackened Grindcore robe. And often interspersed with true Black Metal, red-hot tremolos included. Boy, this band came a long way from their doom-laden roots to this state of muddy agitation.

Of course, we already had the sludge treatment on Drangsal, and this all bubbled over into this piece. But we really got a kick out of their weaponized use of the bass, Riti Occulti2) style. An excellent tool to convey that gritty mood so well.

In a way, the grey, cold, rough, and scratchy tale Betonkrebs so grouchily tells goes well with guttural growls and rough, downturned yet speedy riffs. That, and this pretty scorching injection of good ol’ punk, makes the EP scream its outrage at the audience even better than its predecessors ever could.

And, without further ado, here’s a taste of Betonkrebs in all its grimy splendor. Enjoy!

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook
Release Date: 26 March 2021


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