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Dark Worship - Flesh of a Saint - Album Cover

Noise in metal and all its disturbing facets is a mood thing. Catch me at the wrong moment, and yours truly here will just rip that garbage apart. Find me ‘in the mood’ then things might look differently. It’s not because the RMR crew here won’t be able to be impartial to a point. But it’s more to the subject matter, context, and – indeed – presentation. A lot of what these bands are throwing at ye is usually anchored in some sort of an uneasy rage-fueled environment, disturbing belief system, or other malfunction.

And Flesh of a Saint truly puts that one to the test. Dark Worship1) here hail from the American Midwest. You know, that shipwreck still in the making around the big industrial sites that’s plagued by large swathes of vacant factories, boarded-up storefronts, lost jobs, and no hope. Even if some soothsayers toothily claim that things are on the uprise again. But I get the impression that the folks over at Dark Worship will wholeheartedly disagree.

That’s where this Cleveland, Ohio-based band comes in with their vision to deliver – and I quote – “…the very essence of a dark, mystifying industrial realm.” And indeed, Flesh of a Saint immediately displays a red-hot fit of anger that feels like being in between a hammer forge and a pressure cooker. Some Post-Industrial Metal alright that thrives on desperation and abject ire. Sludgy doom undercurrents high on atmospherics, menacing samples to crush yer earphones, droning about the soundstage, but no easy way out in sight anywhere.

Harsh, abrasive, mean, brutal, and full of tortured tribulation at the same time. That’s how this piece of Experimental Metal comes across. Flesh of a Saint truly isn’t something for adepts of the refined metal realm. Instead, metalheads with an insane and dark hunger for the shady abyss where hurt and desperation dwell will find their unholy pleasure here.

Just make sure you install a lifeline before you descend. You might not find your way back into the light, else.

LabelTartarus Records | Web: Facebook (band)
Release Date: 25 February 2022


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