Newsflash: ENFEEBLE – Newest Shocker Released!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Enfeeble - Moments of Tranquility - Album CoverWhoever said that there is only beer and bretzels in good, old Germany? Complete with lederhos’n and holzhack’n? Well, wake up and smell the … #metal.

German melodic thrash and metalcore metallers ENFEEBLE released their newest album Momentum of Tranquility in October 2015. And there is nothing tranquil about the album, I can assure you. First emerging as The Thrashcans (OMG!…), then transforming into ENFEEBLE back in the mid ’00s, this newest concoction is their 2nd full-length album so far (or the third, depending on the source and how you look at it). Their #metal brand includes the traditional screams and clear voice passages, mixed into melodic interludes. Worth checking out! Go for it! 

Here’s a taste and happy headbanging:


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