Newsflash: Canadian Black Metallers Éohum attack again in March!

Éohum - Ealdfaeder - Album CoverWhoa! Somebody is fucking with my brain! Just listening to the streamer screamer extract The Apathetic Plague from Éohum‘s latest EP Ealdfaeder due out on 18 March 2016 via Mycelium Networks. And they are going deep down. Deep, deep down to the essence of Black Metal with a somewhat doomish and atmospheric tinge. Then out of the black abyss they hit you with some Progressive elements in their tune. By doing so Éohum create their very own brand in this vast Black Metal universe. Well, by Thor’s mighty hammer, not bad.

Ealdfaeder features guest drummer Simon Mackay on a few select tracks (The Agonist – Alissa White-Gluz’s old nemesis). Annie Perreault returns on horns and flute. Otherwise we got in the line-up: Jeremy Perkins and Sylvain Dumont on guitars, Barrie Butler torturing his vocal cords, Cesar Franco on bass and Luca Treviso on the remaining drums. 

Existing since 2010, the Montréal based band Éohum released their début Revelations, Aurora Of An Epoch in 2015, now followed by this EP in budding springtime 2016. The band emerged from a poetic project – a book – imagined by Jeremy Perkins and tries to emphasize today’s population’s lack of interest in past relationships with nature and our ancestral ways.

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