Video: The Hypothesis release Eye for an Eye.

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - The Hypothesis 2016

They emerge from the deadly winter lands of Finland. That is what their page says. And indeed, they boast a very own brand of Melodic Death Metal. One that mixes progressives with loads of electronics. A pretty impressive first offering of the Finnish band The Hypothesis.

In preparation for their upcoming debut album Origins due out in spring 2016, the newcomers from Helsinki released their newest video Eye For An Eye. And at first, I got somewhat worried when listening in. The track progresses like something cooked up during a dinner between Amaranthe and the djentists of Leprous. And to hide their tracks, they decided to give all this a newish Melodic Death Metal polish.

What a bummer, right? But never fear. Just when I wanted to switch this off and send it over to the fairyland, the track started delivering some real metal. Tasty riffs and high-quality solos duly included. Saved by the gong, I would say!

But finally, this is good work. Let’s wait and see what they will manage to create with their album. The video below tells me that they have promise. Another band to be watched.

Now, don’t be a stranger and head over to the video for Eye for an Eye.


Label: Inverse Records | Web: Facebook

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