Video: Words that Burn launch Mirror Perfect Mannequin!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Words That Burn - Regret is for the Dead - Mirror Perfect MannequinJudging by their former video work, this is the Irish band Words That Burn‘s most elaborate project yet. And indeed: Mirror Perfect Mannequin from their late album Regret is for the Dead (Wormholedeath Records) dazzles with a stunning choreography.

Hints of threats lurking in the shadows somewhere around you. Colors ranging only from white over a gazillion shades of grey to black the story exude an expertly orchestrated sense of menace that will not leave you throughout the length of the clip. You won’t see any frenzied drummer hitting their kit like the Animal from the muppets. Nor do we have to watch some exaggerated theatrics by some guitarist.Got hooked? Raid this some more...

Newsflash: Finnish Band The Hypothesis plan début in 2016!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - The Hypothesis 2016

They emerge from the deadly winter lands of Finland. That is what their page says. And indeed, this own brand of Melodic Death Metal of the Modern kind that the Finnish band The Hypothesis display kind of gets you that impression.

In preparation of their upcoming début album Origins due to come out in spring 2016, the newcomers from Helsinki released their newest video Eye For An Eye. And at first I got somewhat worried when listening in: The track starts like some sort of Pop Metal tune. Just at the moment when I wanted to switch this off and send it off to the fairy land, the track started delivering some real #metal with high quality solos and pretty good riffs.Got hooked? Raid this some more...