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Sometimes things are simple. The tune needs to connect straight with yours truly once you start on a record. And – boom – it goes viral in your head. And this just happened with the band Goddess from Norway.

Their album The Withering will catch your attention like that. And it does that with a goofy style mix of ‘Stoner Rock dude meets Death Metal brute’.

The EP was first released in 2014 with a new version out in 2016.1) Now, the updated version released on guitarist/vocalist Alexander Mora‘s label Voidcaller Records with a full remix and remaster. As the lore goes, the first edition happened on a recording school’s label.2)

All of this wraps itself into a pretty intense 18-minute blurb of only one track. Now, we already had this one-track madness way back in time from bands like Mike Oldfield or Pink Floyd. Until it largely ran out of fashion, that is. Kind of kinky to do that these days, but also very courageous from an unknown band.

Yet, Goddess here nonetheless did a jolly good job to keep this crew’s attention. They craft a careful mix of not only Stoner Rock but present ye with a mix of styles that we found refreshing. In fact, you’ll find early prog, and – lo and behold – some alternative vibes, too. And all of that embeds with a ton of fuzzy goodness that we found difficult to resist.

And all of that comes with a cool Sabbath-ish relish to it, plus some serious psychedelics mixed in for good measure. So much so that the sudden and spooky harsh vocals won’t even disturb. And that definitely adds some serious spice to an already great record.

So, in other words, The Withering has that alluring old woozy smell of old times all over its entrails. And that is exactly what a Stoner Rock record should project. A tasty piece that is indeed difficult to find these days. Well done, boys and girls.

Now, when is this full-length going to come out?

Ed’s note: This is a new edition of the initial newsflash from May 2016.

Label: Voidcaller Records (BC) | Web: Official Site
Release date: 5 June 2014


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