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We enjoyed those records before. Those that hook their steely claws straight into your flesh, once they’re roaring out of the gate. And they won’t let loose anymore until you suffered through their brand of Extreme Metal, want it or not.

And it’s not because they’re bad, it’s because the stuff these bands strut fascinates the hell out of the audience. Grimorte‘s Esoteric Ascendance is one of those records that pulled us straight down into that darkly ominous abyss it inhabits.

The duo1)Kieran Scott (Ashen Grove) and Lewis Borthwick (Archierophant) – step out into that doom-laden, murky light the fans crave with a mighty bang. Hints of Black Sabbath, whiffs of a steelier Alcest, some hefty doses of early Rotting Christ. Boy, they even managed to tune into the more fantastic realms of Atmospheric Black Metal without falling into the terrible trap of the plastic drum machine.

The influences are all there. Yet, not to an extent where the fear of copycat would set in. Much to the contrary, this band understands that input from former works is good. But only if used in moderation, that is.

Esoteric Ascendance is however somewhat frazzled around the edges on production quality. But it nonetheless sports an early maturity that other bands only achieve much later. But once their juicy brand of Extreme Metal hits your earphones, you’ll forget about all that. This snazzy mélange of much metal with some serious atmospherics thrown in for good measure just steamrolls over those impurities without much effort.

And as always, there’s nothing better than a sturdy storyline to beef up the quality of a record. Grimorte chose the fascinating lore around Aleister Crowley with the story of a woman who transcends from innocence to possession. Ah, the lure of the erotic and the esoteric, hints of black mass and devilishly delicious shenanigans. I can see the cassocked ones squirming already.

So, if you’re up to an intense and enthralling ride on that pale horse of terror with Black, Doom, and Death Metal of all couleurs, Esoteric Ascendance should be on your playlist. Painfully short as it may be, the piece nonetheless bears all the hallmarks of a great record. And of greater things still to come in a foreseeable future.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook
Release Date: 30 October 2020


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