Negative Vortex – Tomb Absolute (2022) – Review

Negative Vortex - Tomb Absolute - Album Cover

I always wondered what I liked better. Brutal, harsh Death Metal, or just vile and terrible Black Metal. And the answer is, it depends. After all, both genres hunt in the same or similar corners of the metal’s smelly underbelly. Yet, quite often, Death Metal gives a songwriter much better traction for all sorts of debaucheries. And whilst the blackened folks are steeped in tradition and self-inflicted rules,1) the deathly ones can let loose any which way they choose. Yet again, some of them forgot that just brutalizing the audience like some abominable monstrosity may not necessarily lead to … [...] Click to raid more!

Celestial Season – Mysterium II (2022) – Review

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Celestial Season - Mysterium II - Album Cover

Okay, Celestial Season announced it. Once Mysterium I released, the band promised more records to come in 2022 and 2023. And that may very well mean two records in one given year. So, sure enough, here they are with Mysterium II, a mere few months after their last marketing event in April of this year. The RMR crew may be damaged by experience, but it also tells us that releasing too much material in one year is dicey at best. Unless you have an abundance of creative energy and stamina to pull this off. After all, many of today’s … [...] Click to raid more!

Rise To The Sky – Every Day, A Funeral (2022) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Rise to the Sky - Every Day, A Funeral - Album Cover

Indeed. It looks like the folks over at Officium Triste really are in mucho trouble right now. A short while ago, the RMR crew enjoyed a deluge of tears with the folks over at Celestial Season.1) And now, more great Doom Death Metal is heading our way. Rise to the Sky the outfit is called, a Chilean one-man-show. And they want a funeral, every friggin’ day. Woe, that truly calls for an ocean of tears. So, go ahead, inflate that rubber dingy, and grab yer oars. A dark storm is a-lurkin’.

The RMR crew is traditionally wary of … [...] Click to raid more!

Celestial Season – Mysterium I (2022) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Celestial Season - Mysterium I - Album Cover

Officium Triste already ran a similar campaign. Slow-marching Doom Death Metal, pregnant with weeping melodies and drunk on abundant orchestration, garnished with growls and weird monologues as the tracks lumbered on. It was also a somewhat tedious and – yes – even boring affair at times. So, where will Celestial Season take us? Spritzy refreshments underway or lukewarm metal parts only? We’ll keep the ice cubes ready, just in case.

It’s probably a crime, but I never heard of Celestial Season. So, ash on my head, this band has indeed been around the block a few times. Since 1991 … [...] Click to raid more!