Take off with Iron Maiden on Ed Force One!

RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Ed Force One 2016 Feel like joining Bruce Dickinson in the cockpit of their mighty band plane? Check out the attached video!

Sometimes I wonder what Bruce cannot do! Man of many talents and mainly known for his role as lead singer of Iron Maiden, he also pilots the band-owned Boeing 747 Ed Force One that is currently employed on their Book of Souls Tour. The video covers the take-off in Fortaleza (Brazil) for the run down to Sao Paulo, promoting their newest album The Book of Souls released in 2015. Ed Force One was much in the news lately when the plane got badly damaged in Chile in March in a pretty spectacular ground accident.

And here’s to another one: Iron Maiden managed to get RockmusicRaider to publish the first non-music video on the blog! Break with an iron rule. I guess a Heavy Metal maiden can easily melt iron. There you go. Well done, Iron Maiden.

Get to the video:

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