Newsflash: Mist of Misery plow The Fields of Isolation!

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The RockmusicRaider talent scout is on the prowl again. Always looking for new, slightly different undercurrents in the rock and metal multiverse, we came across the Swedish band Mist of Misery and their newest mini-album Fields of Isolation. What do they have on offer? A tasty mix of Atmospheric Black Metal and Post Black Metal with a doomy, melancholic twist. And all of that comes at a pretty cosmic scale.

In a way, their tune sounds like a mix of Ashbringer, Palus Somni, and Eschatos. Then add some early Dimmu Borgir, Burzum, and a trifle Gorgoroth with a heavy dose of doom and depression. And that will go down well with a hefty dose of piano sounds in an ethereal mix of cosmic depictions. So, in essence, they didn’t quite reinvent the wheel. Instead, they greased it well and made it run very smoothly.

Clearly, their style draws from explicit, dark influences. A bit like those vampires that suck blood just before dawn sends them back to their hideout. Yet, the outcome is kind of a baroque piece of work that stands by itself. Even if – towards the end – it has that tendency to needlessly noodle about the soundscape.

I nonetheless really liked this motley selection of acoustics and deep, dark Black Metal elements. Actually, they push the envelope even further by going almost classical on the listener at times. This goes well with a mix of clear voice, monologues, and rasps from the deepest, unholy abyss of Black Metal.

Fields of Isolation is a tasty metal cocktail alright and not your usual Black Metal fare. Something to savor in unholy style – whilst you watch this dreary landscape of icy isolation. You should still give ’em a try. Definitely.

Mist of Misery are:
Mortuz-Denatus – Vocals, lyrics, keys, programming, mixing & mastering
Phlegathon – guitars, lyrics
Livsnekaren– drums
Damian bass

Ed’s note: This edition replaces the version of December 2017. Oh, and if need more of that, try their new record.

Label: Black Lion Records | Web: Facebook
Release date: 15 December 2017

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