Newsflash: Narbeleth take the chains off Indomitvs!

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Are you in the mood?

Because you must be in the mood for this. If so, follow me down that blackened tunnel to the spot where Narbeleth lustfully indulge in their Black Metal tune.

The band’s newest album Indomitvs just delivers whatever my black metal heart desires this dark morning. Right up there with the likes of Batushka‘s Litourgyia or the ritualistic Darkend.   

Their menu: Traditional Black Metal in all its unholy Northern splendor. And this without a lot of the current-day theatrics that we have to put up with.

At least this is the first impression.

Because the band adds some pretty discreet, yet decently hot spice to their toxic brew. In short, Indomitvs serves you not only with the old-fashioned and vestigial airs the church burners invented back in time.

But the record also garnishes their riffs with subtle symphonics, the eventual blasphemous solo, choir injections (hell yeah…), occasional acoustics, and doomy elements. This renders their tune interesting, yet still embedded in the first two waves of Black Metal.

Narbeleth is a one-man band formed in 2008 by Lord Dakkar in Havana. And this renders this album all the more astonishing. In many one-man shows, you find outrageous fails in quality, mixing, and mastering.

Indomitvs is not one of them. High-quality Black Metal with Caribbean roots, no less. I can only recommend it.

Have some:

Ed’s note: If you fancied this piece, try their newer album. It might prove tastier still.

Label: Folter Records | Web: Facebook
Release date: 29 September 2017

One thought on “Newsflash: Narbeleth take the chains off Indomitvs!

  1. Nazgul

    Awesome band! Should be headlining extreme metal festivals! More Norwegian Black Metal than lots of Norwegian bands!


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