Newsflash: A New Breed by Crucify The Faith!

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Woe! Now I feel crucified, too. And it is not the normal culprits of the ritual metal department that did the deed this time.

No, Metalcore did it, of all things. 

I just finished with the newest EP New Breed from the Finnish gig Crucify the Faith. And let me tell ya, I already yearn for seconds, it is that good. And yes, bands like Set Before Us or Enfeeble did have their moments, but this band here takes the cake.

And talk about a furious crunch. This band really puts the pedal to the proverbial metal. This sounds (and feels) like someone dropped a little extra into my energy drink of the day. And now I am feeling the effects going at 320 mph.

However, it is not only speed and whacking a metal baseball bat around your ears. Crucify the Faith peddle one hell of a special brand of Death Metal infected Metalcore of the melodic kind.

The band switch effortlessly between styles, with a pretty good flow throughout the album. It is remarkable how they swap from grinding core to sudden acoustics on a moments notice. With a few hints of ambient, and some female vocals added for good measure.

That New Breed was self-produced adds a lot of additional spice to the album. But then again, they are ably assisted by the folks from Inverse Records for marketing and distribution.

Now, all that said, the battle-tested Metalcore purist might not necessarily like this decidedly more varied piece of metal. It is however exactly in this variation, where the band’s strength finally resides. And they execute this beautifully.

Crucify the Faith are:
Aki Juvonen – vocals
Valtteri Estola – drums
Jermu Laine – guitar
Lauri Kurkela – bass
Jere Kontiainen – guitar


LabelInverse Records | Web: Facebook

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