Newsflash: Omega Diatribe, killer EP released in 2015!

Last updated on 4 December 2020

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Omega Diatribe - Abstract Ritual - Album Cover

You know, I like a swagger in a band. And if they can produce good metal AND they have a good cover story to boot, like the Hungarian Groove Metal outfit Omega Diatribe, then it is almost sold. Of course, the quality of their tune will take precedence – after all the music counts, not the posture. 

Their story?

A contract has been passed between humans and some psycho aliens about the limited use of Earth’s resources. This is called Omega Diatribe. Once time’s up only open-minded people can survive this transition.

Good story – Star Trek anyone?

In this sense, the band around Gergő Hájer and Ákos Szathmáry and their newest 2015 EP Abstract Ritual will for sure catch your attention. Hitting you with some sort of thrashy, polyrhythmically laden, and doomish Groove Metal, it never quite lets up the pressure. The new disc features Kevin Talley on drums (Dååth, Suffocation, Feared, Sylencer). 

Now, hold on to something and get a feel of Abstract Ritual. It’s good for you.


Label: Independent Ear Records | Web: Official Site

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