Pyrrhic prescribe their fans Vile Slumber!

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Technical Metal. This excuse to go wild on any lick, hook, and element you might think of. True, RockmusicRaider already covered a few pretty good Tech Death bands out there. But it remains a troubled and hectic approach to your metal. A tendency of haste and untamed arrangements that often are counterproductive, to say the least.

Now imagine you go ahead and heap anything blackened that seems to fit on top of all the death elements you can think of. Now that would be what? Technical Black Metal on deathly meth? Well, whatever.

Because the outcome will be something like Vile Slumber, the newest concoction of the Norwegian band Pyrrhic.1) And here the band really went to great pains to barbecue every friggin’ track they could find on the mixing board. Just because they can, I guess.

In truth, Pyrrhic get us a red-hot mix of anything tech, death, and black, mixed in with some clear vocals that’ll make this mess complete. A feral and somewhat unhinged concoction of trve underground metal. One that reaches for the fractals, but never quite gets there.

When we did Mercyless lately, we thought that this record packed enough intensity to please. But, by the roasted gonads of Loki, we judged incorrectly. The jester’s utterings failed us. Vile Slumber kicks this up a bunch of notches. And we kinda liked what we found. This is a smoking hot, rusty, and down ‘n’ dirty chunk of Extreme Metal. Something you need to dig deep to find these days.

True, less helter-skelter and abject mayhem with a healthy injection of structure2) may have increased the quality of Vile Slumber manifold. Especially the sudden appearance of that terrible brick wall at the very beginning we did not quite fancy.

Yet, we salute Pyrrhic for that rough-hewn lump of metal they just threw carelessly at our feet. That nightmare-inducing feverish vehemence and boundless energy were a pleasure to behold. I guess we’d need more of it in some foreseeable, but very dark future.

So, if you dig that kind of metal assault, you’ll get your money’s worth. But put on the protective suit with visors down. The heat from that furnace will hit ye like a sledgehammer. You have been warned.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook
Album Release: 7 September 2020


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