Newsflash: An Age of Decadence through Silver Dust!

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Sometimes you will find a record that has this knack to hook you, but you have no idea why. It is some sort of visceral pull that makes you come back for more. So happened with the somewhat unorthodox Swiss Rock band Silver Dust and their latest album.

The band rose from the ashes in the year of the Lord 2013. And immediately released a first record, which spawned a single of some local acclaim. In 2016, their second album The Age of Decadence released through Escudero Records. This allowed them to get in front of some reputable venues, opening for acts like Amon Amarth, Nightwish, or – Loki help me – the Finnish ogres Lordi. 

So, what have they got going for us? I daresay, the quality of their delivery is sometimes better than some of the acts they opened up for. Silver Dust sport some sort of avantgarde-esque and progressively tinted, pounding Heavy and – for sure – Psychedelic Rock. And some of that short blurb has definitely got a metal taste to it.

In short, their style could best be described as a mix of the flamboyance of Fleshgod Apocalypse without the growls, a cup or two of Moonspell’s dark streak, and the earthiness of Lacuna Coil sans the female front. Add to that their penchant to chant in French and English and you got yourself a hotly spiced bowl of soup that is a pleasure to devour. 

In addition, they boast some serious theatrics for moving pictures and live gigs, leading to a pretty outstanding stage presence too. They have got to be careful, though, that their live performance does not come in lieu of their musical prowess. But so far so good, their tune supplements the show nicely. At least for now.

I much enjoyed listening to this relatively short clutch of soundbites. If you fancy a slice of metallic, energetic, yet earthy rock that will surprise at every corner of this windy path it follows, then you should definitely spend some time with this disc. And by all means, go and see them live. Let’s just hope they will start building their own venue soon. Because they got promise, lots of promiseMeaning, The Age of Decadence will deliver. I kid you not.

Label: Escudero Records | Web: Official Site
Release date: 4 March 2016

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