Aawks – (((((Heavy On the Cosmic))))) (2022) – Review

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Aawks - Heavy on the Cosmic - Album Cover

Do you remember the ’70s when the hairy youngsters of the day just smoked or ingested anything in sight until it fumed out of their ears?1) Weed, mushrooms, mescaline, LSD, and plain dope were the fashionable substances back then. Ah, the things people did to themselves for free love2) and cosmic wisdom. Extended reach of the brain was all the rage. So you could get a taste of some elusive alien knowledge or something. Only that this brutal treatment fried a lot of said brains back into the stone age. Not that things improved a lot ever since, … [...] Click to raid more!

Rammstein, a guilty pleasure @ RMR! Really?

Rammstein in concert somewhere on planet earth
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Controversy sells, we all know that. That, and a fair dose of authenticity and trve geekery in whatever art you may excel in. The music industry is fairly famous for some of the more outrageous specimens. Rough, dirty, and often otherworldly provocations reach us not only in the form of dreary soundscapes but surely through moving pictures that often darkly glow with dreadful cinematography and worse live shows.

Now, there are truly masterful instigators out there. Bands that work with questionable iconography, unnerving storylines and symbols, and sport a musical style that will have the political correctness … [...] Click to raid more!

Video: Maziac’s Acid Malaise!

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Maziac - Acid - Video Cover

Maziac‘s last EP Permutations seriously got on our good side. The UK-based band truly excelled in this mix somewhere between Heavy Rock and Progressive Metal. A short yet intensive demonstration of that band’s already impressive musical prowess.

Now they’re on the prowl again with a new video to boot. Acid gets us another highly technical track of pretty masterful prog mixed with Heavy Rock. It’s – in itself – a typical Maziac creation and a straight continuation from their former piece.

The clip with its downturned orange-colored and cartoon-styled action is a funky one, though. Some sort of a … [...] Click to raid more!

Gramma Vedetta – The Hum of the Machine (2022) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Gramma Vedetta - The Hum of the Machine - Album Cover

The Hum. You have heard about The Hum, right? Some low-frequency drone-like vibration or noise that some people apparently perceive and others do not. I believe, the most famous one might be the Taos Hum. Opinions vary widely as to what caused or causes it, or if it exists at all. So, here we got ourselves Gramma Vedetta with their newest epos The Hum of the Machine. New industrial beginnings with a spacey twist or just mean tinnitus? Machine vibrations galore. Grab yer spacesuit.

This is one of those records that makes you pay attention, and you have … [...] Click to raid more!