Lucid Grave – Cosmic Mountain (2022) – Review

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Lucid Grave - Cosmic Mountain - Album Cover

The RMR crew is a weird bunch. Instead of going for the easy, high-rolling stars of the rock and metal world that would net us gazillions of clicks and wild riches, we often pick bands with no name and even weirder styles.

That trait saddles us with pretty pig-headed adepts of the underground and no social recognition to speak of. Yet again, these records often contain that fresh material, still untainted by the greedy little hands of big labels. And that’s often more alluring at the RMR office tower than honey is to bees.

Gently humming bumblebees on colorful flowers … [...] Click to raid more!

Am Samstag – Dualism (2022) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Am Samstag - Dualism - Album Cover

Grunge Rock has been on our minds time and again at the RMR HQ. Even Nirvana found its way onto our review pipe a few times and rightly so. Even if we had some reservations about those iconic records that Dave Grohl and Courtney Love would certainly both object to.

You’ll for sure find a great many wannabe soundalikes out there. Bands that either want to surf that still tangible wave of dirty rock or just simply wish to keep the movement alive and kicking.

Now, we’re not suggesting that Am Samstag1) here are a Nirvana clone, even if … [...] Click to raid more!

The Riven – The Riven (2019) – Review

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RockmusicRaider - The Riven - The Riven - Album Cover

This groovy grind was already visible when The Riven released their 2017 blurb Blackbird. This good ol’ whiskey-fueled rock, filled with stoner-esque pleasures to the brim. The good old times of sensual rock suddenly beckoning you all over again.

You do find them still, those bands with a style that kinda went out of fashion many years ago. But not so often anymore. Dirty Sound Magnet in their old incarnation was one. Or again Last Bullet or Hey Satan with their grouchy, stony beat.

But a band sounding like a mix of the gravelly voice of vocalists like Janis [...] Click to raid more!

Rebel Rampage get us Divided We Fall!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Rebel Rampage - Divided We Fall - Album Cover

Rebel Rampage live their music true to their name. And that’s the least you can say. Their 2018 record Divided We Fall bemoans the perceived wrongs that befell modern society in the US. And I daresay, they for sure find loads of ammunition during these times of confused and embarrassing chaos coming from the centers of power in Washington.

Of course, this kind of theme is nothing new. Specifically, the punk scene famously performed that feat. And that up to their very own self-destruction back in their heyday. Interestingly, the scene is creeping back into the light. But it’s a … [...] Click to raid more!