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Solemnity. Somber, gloomy, grave, and earnest, yet of dark and often sublime beauty. A name of a band that may already turn into an omen of sorts.

Their offering emerges so far from the deep underground that you have trouble finding them. Even if they started to appear on the usual haunts lately. Yet, there’s no trace of a visual, no former works that we could find, even if the band saw the light of day in 2016 already. Invisibility on top of solemnity, that’s quite a cocktail.

But fear naught. Through Endless Darkness does pass those darkly emotional and metallic vibes to your earphones. A pretty tasty and sometimes otherwordly mix of a pretty techy and massively subdued Officium Triste and an energized Insomnium.

In other words, you get totally heavy Melodic Death Metal from the pit and expertly arranged orchestral, almost cinematic symphonics. A tale that somberly marches down its doom-laden pathway and often suddenly explodes into subtly blackened splendor.

The record is a painfully intense blurb of 26 minutes full of downturned, meaty guitar riffs, blast beats and those Death Metal growls that we relish. A truly solemn and gravely beautiful soundscape that blasted out of our mighty music machine a few times too often.

Through Endless Darkness will leave you wondering where the music just disappeared to, once the EP comes to an end. The underground just sucked you in and won’t let you out again. It’s that good.

In short, Solemnity created top-notch Symphonic and Doom Death Metal. And we would like to see more of that.

Ed’s note: The piece successfully made it onto our 2020 Top 3 list for videos and EPs. Congrats!

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook
Release Date: 5 June 2020

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