Newsflash: Sound Of A Broken Heart by HDAW!

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Rarely and usually completely out of the blue, you get these refreshing blurbs of rock and metal that will make you keep your faith in modern music. True, there were no real breakthroughs anymore lately in terms of new styles. But then bands with promise continue to come along. Those who know how to string elements together just right and forge a blazing hot slab of rock. Slap Betty or Last Bullet were just two of them out of many that made it onto the RMR blog page for that very reason.

Now, the Finnish band Heroes Don’t Ask Why – short HDAW – just lit up our music detection gear like the proverbial Christmas tree when the Grinch floats by. The band’s newest EP Sound of a Broken Heart storms forward in a somewhat Sabaton-ical frenzy and won’t let up until the bitter end.

The disc sports a strange mix of thrashy Power Metal and slow acoustically led parts. All this comes with a serving of sludgy and kinda punky rock. Complete with a set of pretty sturdy metal solos. HDAW‘s ability to instantaneously switch from blazing hot metal and molten lava rock to velvet soft acoustics provides the icing on this particularly rocky cake. 

All of the above transforms their somewhat déjà-vu-esque and relatively simple base melodies into a fascinating and varied jambalaya of rocky delights. 

In the end, Sound Of A Broken Heart comes with this straight-in-your-face, honest mix of rock and metal that got on this reviewer’s good side. The record thundered out of the RMR sound machine for a few days now. And we still aren’t tired of it. And that means something.

Heroes Don’t Ask Why are:
Jussi Pajunpää – vocals, lead guitar

Matias Kaunisvesi – guitar, backing vocals
Johnny Kivioja – bass, backing vocals
Kimmo Puhakka – drums, management

And here’s a sample for your listening pleasure:

Label: Divorce Records | Web: Facebook
Release date: 15 May 2018

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