Newsflash: Wendigo rock their Initiation!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Wendigo - Initiation - Album Cover

I’ll stick it to the bad weather. Because there is always bad weather up there. And so cold you have trouble staying on the beach. Rain pouring down, sheep galore, and flat, vast, windy, watery landscapes.

This is Frisia, where Wendigo rock from since 2012. So, what else can you do in this wet environment than make music? And it is not the traditional songs, but – by Loki – absolutely great Hard Rock.

Their debut EP – appropriately named Initiation – will just make you forget about the wet, and let you start rocking around the hall. Influences are clearly visible, there is a lot of AC/DC and Krokus in there. And they feature a stoner-influenced, very bluesy rock style that will positively catapult you out of your comfy chair.

And – you know – what really made me listen to this shorty more than I should have? It is their ability to go full fucking rock ‘n’ roll, then in a heartbeat switch to Stoner and Blues Rock. And this is one of their main strengths. And as is often the case in these bands, the vocalist actually makes or breaks their brand. 

The lead really pulls this war chariot forward at lightning speed – make no mistake. The performance is, of course, the sum of all moving parts, so let’s not forget the tune either. Just check out the riffing and soloing. Stellar.

Wendigo are:
Vocals: Jörg Theilen
Lead Guitar: Eric Post
Rhythm Guitar & Vocals: Jan Ole Möller
Bass & Vocals: Lennard Viertel
Drums: Steffen Freesemann

If the lore is correct that an EP is an indicator of what a band can and will do in the future, then I look forward to the upcoming full-length record.

By all means, check them out and enjoy. That’s some initiation right here.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook
Release date: 22 August 2016

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