Quantum Evolution Event, by Ilium!

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RockmusicRaider Review - Ilium - Quantum Evolution Event - Album Cover

Here’s to a positive thought. A Quantum Evolution Event, so not all hope is lost, right? Usually, we get the dystopian version about extinctions and such. So, one brownie point goes to the Australians from Ilium straight. But, will it really be that positive? And will quantum evolution really be good for us or will we end up as sorry crossovers of – something as in THE THING, somewhere in another dimension?1) Because the album cover doesn’t bode well. Questions, and still more questions. But fear naught, we’re here for the music and not endless dusty philosophical prattle.

The RMR crew always tries to lend an open ear to Power Metal, even if some of our brethren in crime think the genre is a waste of space. There are the mainstream terrors with their sweetish fondue attacks, of course.2) But you’ll also find pretty serious endeavors that are truly worth a few spins. And Ilium‘s newest EP for sure is one of them.

Often, Quantum Evolution Event feels like the lost beefy sibling of Vandor without the acoustic schmooze and other needless theatrical shenanigans. Instead, you get boundless energy with majestic leads and some pretty impressive soloing here and there. The vocals are for sure no screaming contest, and they don’t need to be. But the well-adapted performance for sure risks losing the Kareviks of the genre in its long shadow.

Yet again, overbearing exuberance and a galaxy-sized swagger can be one (positive) thing. But at certain moments of that blurb, the EP exudes the odor of glam and trance a tad too much. In other words, we started looking for shampoo stains lurking in the background and traces of Amaranthe that may appear at odd moments.

Ultimately though, Ilium is a first-timer on RMR and Quantum Evolution Event fascinated us from the start. The disk sports pretty awesome no-nonsense Power Metal with a fair dose of Heavy Metal built in, Gloryhammer for grownups of sorts. A potent testament that this genre can indeed be captivating and powerful at the same time without attempting to drown you in (too much) cheese.

Ed’s note: Congrats, the piece made it onto the 2022 Top 3 Videos and EPs!

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook (band)
Release Date: 14 January 2022


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