Sarcoptes bring us Plague Hymns!

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Ah, don’t I like it when the drum beats rumble comfortably about my stomach. Black Metal, dark and ominous, and not from this world. Turn the boomboxes to full blast and rock the walls. That kind of thing.

Never mind the neighbors that will call the police, the National Guard, and the local exorcist to quell this racket from hell. Because, boy, this must sound like something is about to die in the RMR office suite. And so it should because the 16-minute dish speaks about plagues.

And truly, Sarcoptes1) called their newest blurb Plague Hymns. So why am I not surprised that this will frighten our elders and their doggies, cats, and other beasts.

And by Loki’s minions, this is a dense piece of Black Metal. A speedy mix of death, loads of thrash, and some pretty stunning melodic passages. All of this goes with a hefty dose of rasps on tremolos. And at a level of energy that truly took me aback. Often, Sacroptes‘ offering feels like the older, evilly medieval brother of the Dark Mirror ov Tragedy without the elaborate ambient pieces.

But the ten-plus minute La Moria Grandissima really sold me. This is one hefty dose of Black Metal, interwoven with brutal thrash, organs, discreet keys, and other symphonic delights. The track even sports a short solo in all of that primeval Extreme Metal pottage.

In the end, Plague Hymns is one juicy slab of modern Black Metal. Out the door are the frugal, lo-fi deliveries of the early masters. And in comes an incarnation of red-hot Extreme Metal, a totally blackened, highly energetic piece of beastly metal. Something we surely can’t wait to have more of.

And here’s some taste of that disease-ridden metal offering. Enjoy.

Ed’s note: The piece made it onto our 2020 Top 3 list for videos and EPs. Congrats!

LabelTranscending Obscurity | Web: Facebook
Album Release: 2 October 2020


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