Video: Aephanemer unleashes Panta Rhei!

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Aephanemer truly rewrote the way Melodic and Symphonic Death Metal is looked at today. The band rapidly went from unknown shredders to a known value by which the speedy factions of these genres shall be measured. Now, they are back with Panta Rhei, a first glimpse into their upcoming record A Dream of Wilderness, out in November 2021.

Usually, I am not too fond of the metal-band-in-a-cave theme with extended theatrics by hairy metal band dudes and dudettes. Yet here, first ’tis a modern cave with screens, so they’re forgiven.

But more importantly, the riffing and the stellar solos truly blew us away and made us yearn for moar. And all that jazz comes with pretty snazzy drum work and a bass with a voice. On top of all, we get a very short interlude of Marion Bascoul in clear voice mode, and the band lustily belting away for some short moments during refrains.

And whilst you won’t find much storytelling,1) the video production is top-notch, depicting a band that had fun shooting it. And we appreciate that.

In short, Panta Rhei feels like yet another tasty step up on that steep ladder Aephanemer is currently climbing. We’re looking forward to their new record later this year.

Way to go, folks.

But without further ado, here’s the clip.

LabelNapalm Records | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 16 September 2021


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