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RockmusicRaider Video - Dirty Sound Magnet - Social Media BoyThe RMR deck crew surely loves it, when bands create new or newish content. Those who do not only brush up on stuff other guys did, and then call it their own.

Dirty Sound Magnet went down that rocky road. And clawed themselves to recognition with a ceaseless effort and – I daresay – a certain fearlessness and courage to go the extra mile. Now, their latest album Western Lies and a large number of concerts already made that point beautifully.

But they never stop and we got new material from their very own corner of Creative Rock. And as usual, Dirty Sound Magnet are – for sure – not afraid of picking up and on contemporary issues. Their newest clip Social Media Boy will prove that point. 

This time around, the storyline goes after social media, and its sometimes damning effects on people using these tools excessively. Specifically those practically living in this very unique neck of the woods.

Influencer, anyone?

Social Media Boy sits on a relatively simple Black Sabbath-ish song structure, complete with a faux Ozzy whine that really got on my good side. The band again proved their knack for outstanding storytelling, too. Even if the garish colors in the video kinda made my teeth hurt. But this is part of the package, and it does fit this very specific scenery of wannabe internet stars. I really got a kick out of the story of this guy wasting his life energy away in this flamboyant, yet empty world of his.

Oh, and stick around until the credits run dry. The funky action never stops until it does on this one, I tell ya.

Good video – you might want to give it a click or twenty. Enjoy.


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