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Well, to cover two videos on RockmusicRaider for one sole upcoming album is a true first. This is some sort of fanboy gluttony that should not be repeated too often, lest the blog lose its bite and focus. But hey, give credit, where credit is due, right?

Already Haken‘s former piece Canary Yellow off their upcoming record Virus fascinated us with their ’80s era, nuclear version of germ warfare gone wrong.

Yet here, Invasion positively stunned us. Not only is the storytelling superb (and superbly disturbing), but the somewhat pig-headed, rough style of Progressive Metal on offer really fired our metallic synapses into a frenzy.

On top of that, the track sports lyrics really worth their salt1). Something that’s not all that common anymore. And some of that really syncs well with this difficult day and age of global pandemics. A truly prophetic piece.

Oh, and did you catch these subtle references to former works and previous videos2)? Well, a storyline starts to emerge – and so far we liked what we hear – and see. Let’s just hope those moving pictures will be on par with the new record. We’ll see.

Here’s to Invasion, a perfectly crafted video that is so very Haken, it almost hurts. Or is it really? Enjoy.

Ed’s note: The piece made it onto our Top 3 list for videos and EPs. Congrats!

LabelInside Out Music | Web: Official Band Site
Release date: 22 May 2020


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