Video: Haken go Canary Yellow!

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Well, this tune clearly harkens back to a time when Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson1), and Leprous still made Progressive Rock and Metal worth its salt. Haken‘s newest extract from their upcoming piece prominently called Virus really pricked our ears. Not because it is exceedingly crunchy or some sort of powerful metal, but because Canary Yellow is one artfully mastered track.

It does impress with a pretty unusual and somewhat gentle, yet potent style of Progressive Metal at the top of its art. Subtly thunderous, yet amazingly soft-spoken. Which surprises even more, once you contemplate its fiery end.

The band propped the tune upon a tried and true mannequin-laden theme, kinda along the lines of Wilson’s Routine from some time back. One that works anytime, specifically if you go full nuclear. And this one succeeded in all its yellowed splendor, total destruction on a garishly colored background.

Now, this variation we already pick up from the upcoming album really got us interested for more. Their other releases – Prosthetic and Invasion – really drive a different type of crunch, and we like that.

Let’s just hope that Haken can keep that promise of stellar prog, and that this video is not just cheap propaganda. Albeit that it would be a very good piece of that.

But – hey – be your own judge. Here’s an atomic version of that bright Canary Yellow. Don’t burn yourselves.

LabelInside Out Music | Web: Official Band Site
Release date: 1 May 2020


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