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I admit, since Malina happened, Leprous kinda left the RMR building and disappeared from our joint consciousness. We weren’t quite sure if this band would get further coverage.

And we still ain’t.

Now, the release of Pitfalls approaches and we’re getting bits and pieces of this new album. Videos rocking away in the good, ol’ coal mine, or whatever it is. Or the odd sales job that masks as an interview. You get the drift.

Alleviate is their newest clip with a pretty authentic Einar Solberg featuring on it. Yet still firmly ensconced in their post-metal existence, methinks. Which can be good or truly bad, because they will risk navigating to damnation, as Train did some time ago.

And why would we show you a video, cut from a known playbook, and with little real action? Because this thoughtful, almost poppy style really intrigued this crew. One YouTube commenter brought it to the point, and I quote: “Metal band does pop better than pop bands.” Not that there was much metal left in Malina, to begin with.

Well, let’s just hope that the Einar man was able to inject some more juice into the final product. If not we will end up in pop hell, with a sheepish deluge of melancholia that would be difficult to stomach.

Stay tuned for squalls.

Meantime, here’s something to alleviate the wait:

LabelInside Out Music | Web: Official Site
Release date: 20 September 2019

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