Marisa and The Moths – Marisa and the Moths (2019) – Review

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We need more rock!

The good ol’ warcry again rang out after too much metal ravaged our ears somewhat fierce lately. That devout wish combined itself with an urge to clean up our database with reviews we might have missed over time. And that’s how Marisa and the Moths (re)appeared on our radar with their self-titled 2019 piece.

There’s a ton of Grunge Rock outfits out there. Most of them wanting a slice of the long-gone masters of all time. The band that somehow became the stick by which everything with the grunge label needs to be measured.

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Bewitcher – Under The Witching Cross (2019) – Review

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One thing is certain. The folks over at Bewitcher like to keep their metal wares short, crisp, and razor-sharp. Already their 2021 piece Cursed be Thy Kingdom soothed our cold metal hearts with that sort of speedy fare that seems to spew forth straight from the times NWoBHM was a thing. And it came at a relatively short runtime that won’t damage yer attention span.

Now, with the 2019 piece Under The Witching Cross1), the RMR deck crew discovered an even faster, almost bare-bone version of their Brand of Heavy Metal. And this one – wait for it … [...] Click to raid more!

Darkend – Spiritual Resonance (2019) – Review

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I knew it. We will need to return to last year’s offerings. Because, lo and behold, Darkend‘s latest record Spiritual Resonance hereafter, somewhere fell by the wayside. And disappeared into the blackened yonder of RMR’s vast archives.

Their last record The Canticle of Shadows already garnered a pretty sturdy following on RMR, and – finally – appeared on three of our listings. First, the 2016 Top 10, the 10 Most Popular Posts and – lastly – on the Intermittent Digest IV. A feat not many bands mastered so far, ever.

This pretty stellar result somewhat took me … [...] Click to raid more!