Video: Nightwish just released Noise!

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Dark and ominous is the glimpse Nightwish grant us into their upcoming new record HVMAN. :||: NATVRE. Noise offers a nightmarish view of a world straight out of an Orwellian universe, a cut eerily similar to The Matrix and its dark story.

As is custom for clips out of Nuclear Blast’s kitchen, the execution is top-notch and worthy of its theme. And I did fancy the pretty cool artistic contributions of some of the band members.

As to the tune, I enjoyed the Power Metal prevalent on that track with Floor Jansen trying some Gloryhammer-esque metal screams, short as they may be. The song is trademark Nightwish, though. And that renders the song pretty predictable.

Albeit that this blurb hunts in long-gone waters where Imaginaerum was en vogue and Dark Passion Play just left the building. With some added spice and loads of dark matter to please this reviewer’s cold metal heart.

So, the RMR deck crew is interested. And we’re looking forward to new delights that will surely emerge from this new, upcoming record.

And finally, here’s to Noise and its pretty vibrant energy boost.

LabelNuclear Blast | Web: Official Band Site
Release date: 7 February 2020

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