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I am fascinated by Jupiter Hollow‘s video clip called Solar Gift that somehow strayed off their 2020 record Bereavement and found its way onto our huge video screen. But we weren’t dazzled by outstanding cinematographic craftsmanship, far from it.

The video itself feels like one of those Covid live sessions, shot in a studio on a ubiquitous band action setting. So, nothing really to write home about from that angle. Not that those videos are bad, we enjoyed a few cool ones over the last year or so. And perhaps too many.

Yet here, Solar Gift comes in a true live wrapper. A band playing a 12-minute behemoth in one go, shot right there on the spot. And that explains the rough filmography that cannot shake this smell of mobile phone cameras and lack of ideas. And all of that comes with a sound that – whilst not bad – truly sports some sharp points and rusty edges.

The above notwithstanding, however, it’s that excellent prog geekery made for nerds of the genre that fired up our own geeky neurons.1) Plus, of course, the emotion and the magick their music will develop once stages and sweaty crowds will – again – be on the menu. At certain moments, the sounds transported the RMR crew back to those full-immersion spells that you sometimes get into when enjoying a live show. And that is truly stellar.

Now, Solar Gift sits straight at the center point of what prog, alt, and psy have on offer these days. Somewhat of an out-of-the-box experience that we already detected on their very first offering we covered some time ago. Now somehow, Bereavement didn’t make it onto our review list yet, and perhaps we will remedy that after this.

But until that happens, why won’t you check out that video a few times and send these guys some likes.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 11 June 2021


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