Video: The Deluge, by Sojourner!

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The 2016 record Empires of Ash trained our corporate Atmospheric Black Metal spotlight squarely on Sojourner. A promising, multi-national band operating out of the UK with a somewhat unique style to boot. We were equally impressed, if not more, with the delights of The Shadowed Road in 2018.

So, ways to go for the future, right?

And indeed, like clockwork, Sojourner now appeared on our radar with their teaser video The Deluge. The one made to promote their upcoming album Premonitions that will be out later in May 2020.

Now in the meantime, the band switched to Napalm Records. Which is a big deal for them, I’m sure. But there’s also that danger of the dreaded mainstream, this cookie-cutter approach to metal. The kind of premonition we absolutely don’t want to see.

And true enough, The Deluge gets you that much more commercial flavor than what we ever thought possible with this band. Not that the tune is bad, but I do miss these surprising turns other works of them took. There’s now a certain predictability to it.

The video is – as is this label’s wont – perfectly shot and executed. Albeit with this typical metal-band-in-the-wilderness theme thing. Even if Scottish landscapes are perfectly suited for such clips.

Remains to be seen what awaits us in Premonitions. And I hope mine don’t come true.

In the meantime, here’s The Deluge for ye:

LabelNapalm Records | Web: Facebook
Release date: 6 March 2020

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