Delain disband! May we live in interesting times.

RockmusicRaider - Delain disband February 2021

Apocalypse & Chill, right?

Today, on 15 February 2021, Delain announced that they will disband. Or – at least – the outfit will cease to exist in the form known to the music industry for many years. This sounds like that apocalypse theory the band so vividly touted in their last album. And now it is also time to chill because Delain will not end its existence. But the band will – in a manner of speaking – morph into another entity.

Martijn Westerholt announced that the – quote – “…collaboration within the band ceased to work as well as it once had“. And that they – quote – “…all tried very hard to find a solution for over a year, but sadly […] were unable to find one.

Whilst the remaining members of the band will go their own ways, Westerholt will maintain Delain as a project. And will continue – quote – “…with writing and producing the music for Delain.” And, interestingly, he plans to do that by – quote – “…releasing music with special guests.” Here is the full text of the announcement that the band released.

So, here we are. Delain has been a fixture on this blog for years. And we are more than sad to see them go. And especially that there will be no more of their charismatic vocalist, Charlotte Wessels. A female front who grew into one of the best Symphonic Metal singers out there right now.

Well, never say never, right? Delain will reappear in another form, and we are sure that the other former members will pop up as well all over the music industry again.

As to the future of this band, let me just say that one should never be afraid of change. However, if you try to replace charismatic lead roles that served as the locomotive of an endeavor, better be prepared with a good plan.

RMR will be watching, and we have an open mind. Hey, we even survived Steven Wilson becoming the king of pop without psychological damage, right?

May we live in interesting times. Good luck, Delain, you will need it.


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