Metal’s Rockbar Allstars gets you Dying Heroes. What?

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Now, here we thought that RMR would only serve bands and musicians, but not Rock Bars going out on a limb. Yet, we stumbled across a small project that’s too juicy to just pass over. Thus, an exception is due.

You see, back in 2018, the owners of the Metal’s Rockbar in Austria’s Wiener Neustadt1) decided to create a cover version of the age-old Austropop2) song “Hollywood” from Waterloo & Robinson. It – incidentally – speaks about movies and actors, and why Hollywood is – well – dying. Never mind that the film industry is still alive and kicking today. But what did they know back in 1974, right?

Yet, movies didn’t quite fit the narrative. So the new outfit slammed new ‘metal’ lyrics on the whole shebang about Dying Heroes and whatnot. Which turned into the EPs title, all things considered.

Then, Metal’s Rockbar Allstars – the outfit’s name – started to overdose on a gazillion guest musicians, all contributing an instrumental part or some lyrics to go with all that jazz. And the outcome is – drumbeat – two versions of the same Dying Heroes song. One that feels like some hybrid of an Avantasia Power Metal ballad and a serious attack of hairy glam3).

Metal’s Rockbar Allstars decided to support many local bands but finally managed to attract a few bigger names like Marek ‘Ashok’ Šmerda of Cradle of Filth as well. Or members of Wolfheart feat. The Malavita Antisocial Club, some of whom are closely linked to the rock bar. But why on earth they didn’t go after Dee Snider to get some more market power is beyond me, though. He is all over that kind of opportunity – and he’s very glammy. Usually.

Ultimately, and despite the ton of sugary cheese on full display, this project gets a bunch of kudos from the RMR team. It doesn’t look like much, but it takes a lot of time and effort to put something like that together. And we appreciate that.

So, give Dying Heroes some love, will ya?

LabelWolfblood Productions | Web: Facebook
Release Date: 26 November 2021


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