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Well, gosh. RMR speaks to the seriously defunct. Our deckhands sometimes love to reach back into our vast collection of albums and pull out a record that didn’t make it onto the review pipe. And often, those old pieces belong – or belonged – to bands that gave up the ghost in the meantime. That’s quite sad because many of those outfits showed insane promise. But for some reason, this bunch of reviewers here didn’t pick up on it when there was still time.

So, Creeping Time from Misteyes somehow magically appeared out of the Void of Unkown Review MatterTM that darkly dwells in our vast database. And upon firing it up, the merciless panel of judges here at RMR found it perfectly audible and sent it for review.

Because it is a fascinating record. Misteyes here sent us a piece of shudderingly delicious vampiric Gothic vibes. A mix that exudes hints of gruesome deathly shenanigans in all sorts of shades of grey and red. And they come on a leafy bedding of ominously darkened Melodic Death Metal. With artists that just awoke to some blood-red horrors shortly after midnight in the middle of a haunted forest. In other words, at every change in tempo, you somehow expect Dani Filth’s mug to appear from behind a tree and let loose one of his screams. Or failing that, a bunch of awful ghouls to rush forward instead.

Ainwen‘s ghostly wails could have emanated directly from Polanski’s vampire epos from 1967. Her voice perfectly fits the theme and overall atmosphere. Even if – at times – the RMR deck crew found a few misses here and there. And yes, Lady Loneliness, I am looking straight at you – and that’s a true pity. The song is real Gothic Metal goodness, the way it was meant to be. Irmin‘s often harsh growls and rasps pretty perfectly complement his female counterpart. Beauty and the Beast all over? Quite so. And to find growls at that level of quality in a gothic piece is pretty rare indeed.

The RMR office suite often stood in awe at Misteyes‘ pretty masterful knack to create those gothic tableaux. Thus, Creeping Time often errs into cinematic territory which truly makes me wish they’d followed this up with a movie of sorts. Like in the Awake The Beast series that instills that quiet sense of dread into the listener after a while. On top of all that, the often oldish and baroque piano interludes, snazzy downturned guitar riffs, and often bottomless chugging truly add to the allure of this piece.

If only they would have paid a tad more attention to the production. Often that whole wall of sound feels flat and lifeless with the usually sturdy drums sounding like something Summoning would produce. Or said otherwise, this ain’t no drum machine, but it sure feels like one. Also, on low-quality boomboxes, the piece sounds somewhat tinny. And – in contrast – high-end wifi doesn’t provide that rich soundscape we crave. You know, this feeling of living the surround.

Yet, even so, the epic battle of good and evil comes on a foundation of neatly written tracks. A perfect balance of bright light and all those darkest urges. That the band included guest performer Björn “Speed” Strid of Soilwork only adds to yet another stroke of excellence on that album. If only the band would have survived the woes of the music industry, they could have made a killing as a counterpart to other gothic and wannabe Extreme metal artists out there.

Because the talent truly was abundant in there with much air to improve and shine in future offerings. In a way, Misteyes perfectly encapsulated in 2016 what the likes of Epica and Nightwish lost a long time ago. So, sadly, the band decided to disintegrate over artistic differences and Creeping Time must now stand alone in all its darkly crimson splendor.

Maybe they’ll reappear one day. But until then, we’ll remember this band as one with a ton of promise that could have been so much more.

Ed’s note: Fancy something more flamboyant, Power Metal style? If so, Attarghan awaits.

Record Rating: 7/10 | Label: Maple Metal Records | Web: Facebook (band)
Release Date: 8 April 2016

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