Blood Libel by Sleepless – Heavy Metal 2.0!

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What happens when a bunch of Death Metal dudes state that they want to give Heavy Metal a try? Well, Blood Libel happens.

In truth, this is one blurb that kinda missed our review pipe when it hit the world stage already earlier this month. But once their piece finally roared out of the mighty RMR music machine, we were sold.

Because you won’t get yer usual Heavy Metal with its signature screams that are often as fake as many of them orgasms out there. Instead, you’ll get a Sabbath-esque demolition team on steroids boring down on you. Ominous bell included, of course.1) A piece so doomy, it often rather qualifies as Doom Metal than anything else. Yet, on the other hand, Sleepless stuffed their piece so full of complex thrash that Hetfield would probably give up the ghost.2)

But wait, Blood Libel also boasts a bass with a voice, crazy riff/solo included. There’s truly nothing simplistic about the bass for this outfit. Instead, they let ‘er roar like the best of them, a space the blackest of Black Metal often occupies. And they boast a progressive side mixed with a little tech3) as well. Pure Heavy Metal? Not quite. But their brand of alloy is truly delicious.

So, if you’re looking for some real metal in 2021, this is the band to turn to. An EP should usually always showcase the most scorching wares a metal band has on offer to date. And Sleepless just did that in a short 17 minutes of fame.

Mission fucking accomplished. Welcome to Heavy Metal 2.0.

And here’s some Blood Libel for ye. Enjoy the heat!

LabelNecromantic Press Records | Web: –
Release Date: 12 March 2021


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