Blunderbuss crunch out Resurrection!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Blunderbuss - Resurrection - Album Cover

Who said that Nu-Metal was dead outside Limp fucking Bizkit and Korn? Well, the genre is kind of a holdall. Boy, even Evanescence was accused to be nu, just because there was some pseudo rap in their first piece. You know, the one with the Moody man still in charge. So, I guess that many metallists got fed up and used other genres to describe things better. Like Gothic Metal for the aforementioned band.

Yet, I reckon that these people never heard of Blunderbuss and their 2016 piece Resurrection. Even if this outfit sports a style that is bemoaned by many to be all bad, playing towards the somewhat gross and ill-fated metal-goes-rap machine that we saw appearing back in the late ’90s and early 00s. One that comes with a strange Hardcore-ish tinge to boot. Not a lot there to make friends with most. Right?

Blunderbuss formed in 2011 in Paris, releasing a first EP in 2014, followed by some serious touring. They then got back into the studio, unleashing this much more professional-sounding piece of work onto the unsuspecting metal world.

Now, why should YOU care? 

Because its meaty groove and a tendency to include funky interludes into their hip-hop-infested metal into their tune really got us that kick in the gut. And it made us pay attention. Some sort of a French Bizkit in a US-dominated genre. And rocky in more ways than one. Besides, there are those weird references to Evanescence’s Moody in Vee Stoneheart. Just wait for it, it will appear towards the end.

And by Loki, do they crunch forward like hell. You just need to put your prejudices aside for a while and buy some ear wash later after listening to their lyrics some more.

Now, even if lyrically questionable (who were we kidding..), Resurrection will undoubtedly grab you and pull you over this metal road to damnation. And I guarantee: You may want to go and headbang some. Careful with that neck.

Go ahead, have a listen and enjoy! Now, where is that damned ear wash…

Ed’s note: This article replaces the original post from April 2016.


Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook
Release date: 19 April 2016

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