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RockmusicRaider Review - Evanescence - Fallen - Album CoverThe first studio album Fallen of the US band Evanescence hit the charts like a bomb. It already displayed their unique sound that the band under Ben Moody‘s and Amy Lee‘s leadership created. These were the times, when the relationship still kinda worked between these two.

This combined with the ethereal voice of Amy Lee created the true potential this band possessed back then. And the success speaks by itself. Once the album released in Europe in 2004 (US was 2003), it took off like a rocket, and would not leave the charts for – like – forever.

Nowadays – of course – they have massive competition, mainly from Europe. But some of that you really cannot compare, as it goes much further than the somewhat purer Gothic Metal sound this band displayed. But back then, Evanescence sported a killer sound, very difficult to top by anything better. A Goth’s dream.

Fallen is truly the commercially most successful album this band ever made. A massive success, featuring tracks like My Immortal that hovered around the top positions in the charts for a very long time across the globe.

The band definitely demonstrated an affinity for different styles. Best described as (a light style of) Gothic Metal, with some Symphonic Metal and even Hard Rock in there. Yet again, their unique sound sometimes comes across a trifle repetitive. With tracks flowing into each other like so much quicksilver.

Many of the songs speak about emotional difficulties Amy Lee seemed to have had back then. All very well crafted in the lyrics department, but a roller coaster, if you like to hear and understand the words. This tendency to gripe worsened in later records, by the way. 

The first two tracks Going Under and Bring me to Life are very good. Yet, the main ticket on Fallen and definitely to be recommended is My Immortal (of course). But I would definitely favor the radio/video version, which is better crafted and executed.

Haunted, Tourniquet and Imaginary also got on my good side with a preference to the last one. This track has a very fresh, but haunted quality to it that I found hard to stomach. All of them tracks with lyrics especially deep and dark that can be interpreted any which way. 

Sadly, the relationship between Amy and Ben did not survive the year and they broke up bitterly by October 2003 with Ben leaving the band. Wanna learn more? There is a good, but somewhat wordy testimonial straight from Ben Moody posted on Blabbermouth.net.

Ben went – by the way – on to become a sought after song writer, probably most famous for creating the band We are the Fallen, featuring typical Ben Moody sound with a few veteran Evanescence players in there.

The haunting soundscape on Fallen makes this firstling one of the best albums Evanescence ever produced. The band filled this record with great, great sound, no doubt about it. But the lyrics can get to you in a bad moment. In other words, the contents are already kind of scary. But will in no way prepare you what awaits you in The Open Door


Record Rating: 9/10 | Label: Epic Record | Web: Official Site

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