We are the Fallen – Tear The World Down (2010) – Review

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Don’t we like another Evanescence album, and then a good one to boot? Questions over questions once you start on that record.

It is indeed the old band, just without Amy Lee. And a lot of that stuff they produce really sounds like it. Just listen to Tear The World Down and you’ll understand. Interestingly, the frontwoman Carly Smithson at times really sounds like Lee, so evil tongues could say We are the Fallen have recreated their own band all over again.

But this would be way too simplistic and nothing is ever simple in life, right? Now, folks, the brand We are the Fallen project is much more straightforward and rockier than Evanescence ever was. And their brand is by far not as airy – not necessarily darker, but somehow – without Lithium1). More addictive in this sense, perhaps? Not sure how to describe it – more real and crystal clear?

With Tear the World Down the band – under the leadership (?) of Ben Moody – the band didn’t really create something new in style but re-invented themselves instead. And We are the Fallen rightly reacted to some criticism later that they fashioned the Evanescence sound and they cannot help, but being themselves. What can I say?

The album really takes off fast with Bury me Alive, very deep and dark, full of painful wisdom. Just to be followed by another hard one, Burn, kind of a turnaround on the former one. Paradigm is noteworthy as well, but this is blown out of the sky by the soft ballad Sleep Well, My Angel. I also like I will Stay, perhaps a bit too close to home to be comfortable at times. So this one really depends on the mood. But then this track is immediately offset by Without You. The whole record seems to be a hot and cold shower kind of production. 

And the following tracks kind of follow in the same vein. And all of them are either soft or rock hard, but never boring and really very well executed. 

Tear The World Down makes you want more from this band, but I get the (sinking?) feeling that this was really a one-off. Kind of an act of desperation to being left alone by their former bandmate. Not that it got any better with Evanescence later, but more to that in one of the coming posts.

So, let’s hope that We are the Fallen will come back one day with some fresh material. I will continue to look for news, but it is really hard to keep interested in something that wants to die.

Record Rating: 7/10 | Label: Universal Republic | Web: Facebook
Release date: 2 February 2010


2 thoughts on “We are the Fallen – Tear The World Down (2010) – Review

  1. Kris

    Hilarious. “They”. Only Amy Lee and Ben Moody formed Evanescence and created Fallen. The two other members in this desperate, wannabe Fallen-clone reject tribute band with a poor copy singer were only touring members after Amy and Ben recorded Fallen; they had nothing to do with the album or Evanescence’s sound. Oh but they of course want to market themselves as otherwise, and Ben lapdogs like this site are happy to lie for them as well. Also, Evanescence’s work since The Open Door, is worlds above this rehash uninspired plop. Btw, and Ben himself: “Amy is very artistic and never has had a problem thinking outside of the box and defying expectations” … “Part of it, absolutely. Amy is much more creative than I am, I’ll be the first to admit it. I am a bit more commercial minded, I guess. I like structure in songs, and I like making songs people can adhere to. I still like to be creative, but she is more educated musically, and she wanted to explore that. I wanted to do that, but keep in the confines of what I knew people expected from Evanescence. I think in my immaturity at the time, I did that in just a way-too-controlling manner — it was like my way or the highway.”

    1. RockmusicRaider Post author

      “Ben lapdogs like this site are happy to lie for them…” – Sigh! Didn’t know we had a Moody fanclub over here with a lapdance fetish. If anything, this is an opinionated no-lie zone with no qualms to distribute dim views on what we’re hearing, too.


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