Eluveitie – Everything Remains (As it Never Was) (2010) – Review

They did it! Bingo! The 2010 and 4th full length album 'Everything Remains (As it Never Was)' from the Swiss Pagan Folk band 'Eluveitie' clearly is an improvement over the already pretty good former production 'Slania' (Yes, folks, I know, there was Evocation I in between - in time I will review this one as well. Perhaps, LOL) .

It is much more melodious, but still enough aggressive Melodeath remaining in it to convince. And all that delivered in their own household style and brand.

Rotting Christ – Aealo (2010) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Rotting Christ - Aealo - Album CoverTwo things hit home right away once you commence on Aealo. First, the record is intense like dark, hotly spiced chocolate consumed with ruby red wine and – second – it is not Black Metal. At least not in a proper sense. Okay, nothing new there, as even the powers that be officially called Rotting Christ Dark or Extreme Metal back in 2010.

And in truth, the Black Metal thing only (kind of) came back with the 2016 album Rituals. Despite the fact that the band hastened to state that this newest record would encompass all kinds of rituals. Weird ones and weirder ones still. That is not to say that Aealo does not include Black Metal elements, it does – extensively so. But you will find many more elements of other styles exist on this record. In addition, the band added some archaic instruments and a bunch of guest musicians to spice things up some.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Krokus – Hoodoo (2010) – Review

Well, well, who would have thought that they would ever again find themselves and produce a new album! This really was a great surprise back in 2010. And then with such a rocky Heavy Metal piece! Yeehaah!

Of course, the Swiss Heavy Metal band 'Krokus' would not be themselves when they would not sound like 'AC/DC' in their Bon Scott heyday - well kind of.