Eluveitie @ RMR – A Shoutout!

Eluveitie 2021

If there’s one band on the RMR beat that got extensive coverage, it is – for sure – the Swiss band Eluveitie. An outfit that appeared out of nowhere in 20021) and broke into real fame by the time the 2008 piece Slania hit our turntables. An enigmatic and sometimes downright excellent band that that didn’t always get good rates from this ‘zine during its 20-year career. But the band around Chrigel Glanzmann continues to fascinate those deckhands @ RMR, so future coverage is literally ensured. And besides, a ‘zine like ours is supposed to be critical and … [...] Click to raid more!

Eluveitie – Slania (2008) – Review

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Slania, Slania! Voice of a distant past. Ode to Helvetian and Celtic times, when the tribes ruled. As far as they could until the Romans arrived and made a mess out of it.

Yet perhaps, this may be a tad too much glorification of a time historians hardly know about. When tribes (supposedly) ruled on the land today called Switzerland. A story about people long gone and dead. And we don’t even know if they ever existed in the way imagined. It only appears that the Romans did have a few difficulties conquering these people. And it appears that … [...] Click to raid more!

Eluveitie – Everything Remains (As it Never Was) (2010) – Review

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The 2010 studio album Everything Remains (As it Never Was) from the Swiss Pagan Metal band Eluveitie clearly proved to be an improvement over the already pretty good former production Slania. And yes, I know, there was Evocation I in between. But this one doesn’t really count, it’s an unplugged piece far away from metal.

Now, this new record is much more melodious but still fosters enough aggressive Melodic Death Metal at its core to convince. And they deliver their tune in an improved, but still decidedly own household style and brand. This time, we can actually hear Anna [...] Click to raid more!

Eluveitie – Helvetios (2012) – Review

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Oh, Helvetian Ones, we salute you! You just have to love the drummer on steroids that the Swiss band Eluveitie1) employs. This guy seems to work himself from one frenzy to another on his drums. But then, ’tis the drummer’s fate on fast-moving metal pieces, right?

Helvetios yet again combines modern-day and archaic instruments into a savvy mix of red-hot Melodic Death Metal and olden folk. Pagan or Folk Metal that dissolves into Chrigel Glanzmann’s heavy growls and rumbles, seconded by the angelic voice of Anna Murphy. That’s pretty tasty, ain’t it? But will this new record really … [...] Click to raid more!