Eluveitie – Origins (2014) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Eluveitie - Origins - Album CoverGrrooowwwl!! Rrrummmbbllle!! Well, hells bells! A bunch of very talented people trying to destroy their music? Freight train gone astray? Drummer had too much energy drink? Fiddler out of control?? WTF!! But – to my own amusement – I do like it, harsh vocals and all. Origins from Eluveitie is good stuff, make no mistake. 

The album neatly follows in the footsteps of their former record Helvetios and boasts an aggressive freshness that makes you go back, wanting some more. Kind of an addictive hate-love affair. But, same as everything this band does, it does take some getting used to. Their tune definitely is an acquired taste, as one of my co-reviewers so artfully opined.Got hooked? Raid this some more...