Moonspell – Night Eternal (2008) – Review!

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RockmusicRaider Review - Moonspell - Night Eternal - Album CoverBy Loki, the 9th studio album Night Eternal of the Portuguese band ‘Moonspell’ is hard chow. You really need to listen to this jumble of tracks a few times and apply some goodwill at first. And I mean really go for it! To take it all in IS tough – Black Metal laced Gothic Metal stuff coming out of my earphones. Brutal – technically very demanding – riffs and harsh vocals assaulting your eardrums and virtually marching through your brain (if it is not burned away – that is – after listening to this record repeatedly). 

But then the vampire or the thing that dwells in the darkness inside you will wake and you start to like this harsh tune served with a metal hammer by our Southern friends. With some reservations. They do push the limits – but then again Moonspell are known to do just that and vary their tune from one album to the other. And you need to be in the mood to make do with all that screaming and growling in there.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

AC/DC – Black Ice (2008) – Review

After a long, indeed a very long waiting time (the former album 'Stiff Upper Lip' released in 2000) our Heavy Metal swinging band AC/DC finally presented 'Black Ice' - in 2008, no kidding, almost a decade later than the former (ok, ok, I get it - not quite a decade, but still...).

The Rasmus – Black Roses (2008) – Review

Not sure if this is really good, shifting away from their former style into the Pop Rock arena, that is. And  some of my co-reviewers call this Hard Rock - LOL. To their credit, still some (but only some) of their metal sting that was more prevalent before has been sustained. But by and large the Finnish band 'The Rasmus' has landed a pretty good, but very gloomy next step in their career.

I was quite pleased to listen to some crunchier sound (well, in truth, only partly..) emerging in their 7th studio album 'Black Roses'.