Newsflash: In Communion with Vvon Dogma I!

RockmusicRaider Newslfash - Vvonn Dogma I - Communion - Album Cover The RockmusicRaider offices just love those jewels all of a sudden ejected from the nameless masses of music creations. Like some sort of magic volcano gone to the other side. And specifically tasty are those bands that consciously and purposefully defy styles and currents. By this definition they threaten to become their very own genre – a victim of their own success if you will. We had them before on RockmusicRaider with bands like Dirty Sound Magnet and their self-declared modus operandi aptly named Creative Rock. 

Into this category fall the eccentric geeks of the Canadian band Vvon Dogma I and their debut EP Communion. Why would we call them that? First, look at the gear they wield: A 9-string Frankenstein bass, an 8-string electric guitar, synths, violins, acoustics and rumbling drums. 

Then, they move at 300 mph, full steam ahead in a wild mix of Progressive, Avant-Garde, Experimental and Psychedelic Rock and Metal. Fill this up with some insane shredding on a bass no less and an unholy use of djents to put Leprous and Haken to shame. Plus a number of Gothic stereotypes thrown in for good measure. And by Odin, you’ll even find some post-disco elements that in the context of this overall madness even feel good.

Communion projects a cocktail of Creative Rock and Metal of outstanding quality that will appeal to the connoisseur of all things out there in prog and avant-garde space. This is some wild shit. And does the RMR office suite like wild? Damn straight we do. And so should you – get some. 

And if ever the band issue a full length album, I wanna know about it. For sure.

Vvon Dogma I are:
Frederick Filiatrault aka ChaotH – 9 String Bass
Blaise B. Léonard – Synths and Violin
Yoan Marier-Proulx – 8 String Guitar
Kevin Alexander – Drums

Now, put on your crash helmet and look at this:

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Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook

Get dat tune:
Nothing here, they don’t want to sell their stuff.

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