Newsflash: Should the Killing Volts say yes?

RockmusicRaider Newsflash - The Killing Volts - Why Should I Say Yes - Album Cover Geez, it is a long time that I have not heard that kind of groove. But here it is: A full load of grunge-flavored, intense Punk Rock hardly seen these days this side of NirvanaAnd it does my ears good after all these disks with high pitched metal that just whipped through the RockmusicRaider office floor. 

The Swiss band The Killing Volts brandishes this nonchalant, don’t-give-a-shit style that is so very important to their trade. Their decidedly short, but nevertheless juicily powerful EP Why Should I Say Yes will relentlessly drive this point home for every second of its very limited span of airplay. This is a harmonious band, aptly led by the scratchy, no-nonsense style of the vocalist and fully embedded by two guitars, bass and rumblings drums. Bare bones, no other shenanigans in a display of raw power.

They even made this atrocious and age-old pop song Tainted Love of Soft Cell turn into a winner with a mountain of juice and crunch. And – believe me – I usually hate covers, when original content should reign supreme.

So, there you go for proof of quality. Great stuff!

The Killing Volts are:
Al Castro – guitar, vocals
Tania Silversen – guitar, lead vocals
Antoine Superflej – bass guitar
Math Sink – drums

Taste some:


Label: Self-Released | Web: Official Site

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