Newsflash: Deadspace bring us Gravity!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Deadspace - Gravity - Album Cover

Whoever said all Australians are laid back and cool? Beer in hand and BBQ fired up, chasing crocodiles? Because this here band is anything but that. Or so it seems when their monstrous sound hits your eardrums.

Hailing from Perth way out West in Australia, the Extreme Metal band Deadspace presents us with a seething hot chunk of metal. Their 2016 EP Gravity sloshes around a life-cycle or – should I say – a perpetual cycle theme of birth, life, death and re-birth. 

The record sounds like the magician’s apprentice musical experiment taken over by the forces of chaos. Extreme dissonance interchanges with crazily tilted atmospheric and ambient interludes. Then – all of a sudden – screaming abounds, just to be changed to a tortured torrent of clear voice utterings. Then again, Gravity doomishly pours a terazillion of styles into their mix, their most prominent being of the Black Metal kind.

What is all that telling us?

Same as the recently covered Cyclocosmia, this is yet another metal gig that takes their metal out of the box. And rearranges the known and comfortably established metal order (that metalheads love so much..) to something resembling the never-ending chaos in the cold waste near Kadath and its onyx castle. To quote Deadspace directly: “…no matter what the current aesthetic, the music is 100% emotionally driven and inspired…”.

And this is exactly what Gravity gets you. A friggin’ multilayered wild ride through a panoply of sentiments and musical extremes. That said, once you pierce through the top layer of their tune, you will start to appreciate the high quality and – indeed – the arcane beauty of these four tracks.

But only if you got the stomach for this kind of tune. Folks looking for harmony need to abstain, there is no love for you in this short blurb. All others will certainly enjoy what presents itself on this cold metal platter. And there is a lot to go for.

Ready to get your eardrums lacerated? There you go:

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