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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Cycloscopia - Immured - Album Cover

Sometimes persistent alternative records show up in the RockmusicRaider review pipeline. And they – annoyingly – continue to haunt you throughout your day until you give in and write about it.

The band Cyclocosmia in all its spidery glory is one of those. The band just unleashed their latest EP Immured this January 2017.

And theirs is a captivating tune. They mix the weirdness of Todtgelichter with the serenity of Darkher with astonishing ease. As with the latter, the question poses itself, if Immured should qualify as metal or not. And again as before, the band gets this metal tinge out into the open that even warms this metalhead’s steely heart.

Cyclocosmia splatter doom-laden atmospheric elements, freely mushed with acoustic, progressive, and symphonic morsels onto this colorful palette of sounds. Mixed with some pretty sturdy guitar riffs and solos, this gets you a cathedral, yet airy and ever-changing soundscape that will capture your attention.

Add to that the weirdly attractive vocals of Aliki Katriou – clear and unclean – mingling with the croaks of James Scott and you got yourself a mighty metal bowl of the alternative kind gushing down on you.

Immured follows a theme, gruesome as it may be. The record tells the tale of a Vestal Virgin of Roman times, being buried alive. Presumably for breaking her vows of chastity. Be this as it may, the story provides a great backdrop against which the tune can shine.

If you are up to something that is really out of the proverbial metal box, then this EP is for you. And you are in for a treat. But have a care. It is sturdy fare, nothing for the lighthearted – as the theme already suggests.

A sample for your listening pleasure?

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Label: Self-Released  | Web: Official Site
Release date: 27 January 2017

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