Dødsferd release Skotos. Feel that grind!

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A little while ago we covered a pretty severe thunderclap of the blackened kind. But this one was almost – too ‘modern’, even if it got pretty high praise from this team. So, we started yearning for more of that Scandinavian flavor, the old-school vibes Black Metal so comfortably brings to yer tortured metal soul.

Good that we found Dødsferd‘s very short blurb Skotos that prominently flashed its beacon on our review pipe. And if an EP really is a promise of what is to come in the future1), then this should be it. Their brand of Black Metal comes with a pretty elegant atmospheric tinge thrown in for good measure. Add to that those almost anguished raspy screams, and we have ourselves that stellar piece of molten alloy we craved.

In other words, Skotos really dwells in the realms that bands like Kampfar, Geisterfels, or – to a lesser extent – Wardaemonic like to occupy. But strap on your body armor. Short as it may be, this piece will shake you up well and it ain’t no easy fare.

Yet, we found it tasty enough to yearn for more. Much more.

LabelTranscendant Obscurity | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 14 May 2021


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