Newsflash: Eulogy unleash Memento Mori!

Last updated on 10 July 2020

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Okay, it’s time again to reach into the depths of our review pipe and pull one of those records out at random.

And the winner is – Eulogy with their newest EP that just released late February of 2020.

The piece talks about Memento Mori, this terrible reminder of the inevitability of death. A solemn and serious theme, and a pretty difficult one to pick for a 17-minute blurb. This is indeed a subject that seriously occupied the creative brains of a multitude of philosophers, writers, and musicians over time. And even on this blog it already made an appearance once before.

The EP comes along in a robe of a slightly sludgy and doomish mix of Hard Rock and early Heavy Metal. Which truly is as befits the theme. The record gorges with a lot of downturned hints to early Black Sabbath, Metallica of the ’90s and Iron Maiden. Yet, without the trademark whine or soaring and overly aggressive vocals that those three are famous for.

In other words, Memento Mori won’t get you something that you may not have heard before in some way or form. But Eulogy mixed all these influences into an amalgam that the RMR deck crew devoured with some gusto. A serving of some geekily traditional blazing hot and metallic piece of rock. Of a kind that we haven’t often heard of anymore these days.

Here’s a taste of what Memento Mori has in store for you. Enjoy!


LabelOne Eyed Toad Records | Web: Facebook

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