Newsflash: First EP for Space Cult!

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It took me a while to figure out where I already heard this kind of free-wheeling style. This chanting about the soundscape that kinda goes all over the place, but still keeps you glued to the boombox. Even if it is not quite ‘your style’. 


Lenore S. Fingers it was, from Italy. Alternative Metal of sorts with a somewhat confusing song structure. Only here, Space Cult present a similar tune but fully embedded on rocky shores only. With no metal anywhere in sight.

And you know what? Their newest and first EP also contains a fair share of the recently reviewed The Riven. The retro band with a powerful vocalist, also from Sweden. Or a more bewildered, fuzzier version of Ossian Smith in a way.

Oh, and – by the way – this Space Cult is the one with the black flag – the band. I daresay the name is somewhat of an SEO nightmare. With all those goofs and grifters polluting this particular corner of the internet. All out to suck you in and make a buck off your unsuspecting self.

But back to the band.

Space Cult present us with a medley of different styles, flavors, and directions. Kind of all over the place, ranging from R’n’B, over Blues Rock to Stoner Rock in all its retrograded beauty. With a great many doses of wah-wah happiness added at times.

It is this wild mix of styles, this flavor of Progressive Rock that drew the RMR deck crew to the writing board. And rightly so. Ever since we let ‘er spin on our turntable, this record continues its juicy tune. As short as it may be, ’tis a pretty neat, old-style, and kind of retro-flavored disk that just got on our good side.

You might want to give them a try, too. But spend some time with it, their tune is pretty complex nonetheless.

Space Cult are:
Agnes – vocalist
Ludvig – electric guitar
Frans – bass
Isac – drums

Space Cult‘s new EP will air on 29 March 2019.

Get some:

Label: Self-Released  | Web: Facebook
Release date: 2019

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